About The Technology:

UniVerves technology include the development of the whole production process: 

Strains - UniVerve has selected a portfolio of robust, non-GMO, marine microalgae strains in order to facilitate its 'Glocal' approach to the establishment of microalgae farms - combining its global solution with tailor-made adaptations to comply with local condition requirements (water, climate, products) and the desired algal compounds by the different customers

Cultivation - At the heart of the innovative process is the HAVP™ cultivation system (Hanging Adjustable V-shaped Pond), a suspended, modular and scalable triangular structure with transparent walls that allows light to penetrate from all sides, thus increasing photosynthetic activity and thus enhancing biomass yield/m2. The unique pond design also enables modular scalability and lower water loss, energy consumption, operational costs and maintenance. UniVerve succeeded to grow several strains in the system. Patent applications for the HAVPTM are in process in Israel, USA and China and additional patent applications are planned.


Biomass harvesting, dewatering and concentration - UniVerve composed a biomass harvesting, dewatering and concentration process, combining off-the-shelf technologies (membranes and centrifuges).


Extraction - the process is completed with off-the-shelf extraction technologies, in order to fractionate the biomass to the desired compounds.

Neve Eitan, Israel