About UniVerve:

UniVerve was established in 2009 with the goal of developing a flexible, scalable and profitable “microalgae biomass production technology and process”, aimed at enabling the utilization of microalgae biomass as feedstock in the food, feed and bio-based industries. Over the last 8 years the company's R&D has been pursuing this goal, achieving a game changing technology that encompasses all objectives.
In doing so, UniVerve aims at establishing itself as the technology of choice in the microalgae industry (an “Operating System” for a broad variety of applications), while also supplying natural hedging to the market's changing needs, new verticals, and new requirements. UniVerve received a patent on its cultivation technology in USA and Israel and another two patents in China.

UniVerve's first production facility, established in the north-east of Israel, is designed to serve customers from the food and feed industries, based upon conditional Purchase Order for the off-take of the entire production quantity.
The project's products, based on a microalgae genus called Nannochloropsis include: microalgae oil, rich in Omega-3 (EPA), biomass rich in protein and extracts with unique health & cosmetic attributes.

UniVerves technology include the development of the whole production process from Strains selection, cultivation, concentration and down stream processing. for more info press this link: UniVerve's Technology

Neve Eitan, Israel