Microalgae are a very diverse group of single-cell aquatic microorganisms. They consume CO2, produce 70% of the world’s oxygen and grow 30 to 70 times faster than land plants. Microalgae are now widely considered to be one of the most promising feedstock in the bio-based economy, due to their efficiency, sustainability and anticipated profitability. Microalgae are natural producers of lipids and essential fatty acids such as Omega-3, high-value proteins, fibers, bioactive polysaccharides, pigments, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Thus, they provide a valuable raw material with immense commercial potential for a variety of industries.  

So far, the production cost and scalability challenges were the limiting factor of the breakthrough of the Microalgae industry.

UniVerve's patented cultivation system, coupled with off-the-shelf technologies to create a continuous downstream process, opens new horizons for microalgae as feedstock in food, feed, cosmetics and more.

MARCH 5, 2017

About Univerve

UniVerve was established in 2009 with the goal of developing a flexible, scalable and profitable microalgae biomass production technology, aimed at enabling the utilization of microalgae biomass as feedstock in the food, feed and bio-based industries.


UniVerve received a patent on its cultivation technology in USA, Israel and another two patents in China.

UniVerve's business model is to license its technology to clients, who want to establish a microalgae production farm.UniVerve will advise which strain should be grown in order to produce the goal product and support the client in planning and constructing the algae farm, including training a local team. 

UniVerve expects the following revenue streams:

  1. License fee

  2. Royalties from sales

  3. Training and technical support fee.

UniVerve's first production facility, established in the north-east of Israel, is designed to serve customers from the food and feed industries.The project's products, based on a Microalgae genus called Nannochloropsis include: Microalgae oil, rich in Omega-3 (EPA), biomass rich in protein and extracts with unique health & cosmetic attributes.

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The Technology

A patented biomass cultivation system: Hanged Adjustable V-shaped Pond (HAVP)

• Scalable

• Modular, easy to construct, operate and maintain

• High biomass yield/m2

• Low energy and labor inputs

• Flexible

• Suitable for various strains

• Suitable for batch / continuous process

• Open / covered production

Contact Us

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Neve Eitan, Israel